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Railroad ties are an integral part of the railroad system. After they've been in service for many years, they have to be replaced. The railroads have maintenance-of-way crews that remove the old tie from underneath the rail and replace it with a new tie. They place these old ties in piles along the right-of-way for collection. That's where we come in. Rail Service and Logistics specializes in collecting used ties and shipping them off for disposal. Our unique and integrated system combines the removal operation with a disposal service that permanently resolves the railroad's environmental concern about the used railroad ties.

Our system allows railroad maintenance-of-way crews to stay on schedule.  RSL transports the ties utilizing our system of custom loading equipment, containers, railcars, and unloading equipment designed specifically for this process. The used ties are transported to power generation partners where we chip and process the ties creating a sustainable fuel source for the generation of power. Our process eliminates the environmental concerns of creosote-preserved railroad ties remaining on our lands and in landfills.

Our system is effective regardless of the project size.  From rail yards to long stretches of mainline track, let Rail Service and Logistics take the problem of used ties off your hands.